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Bluepoint Games, the undisputed remaster kings, announce yet another remaster

Published: 14:05, 12 March 2018
A horseman with a sword out riding towards a huge stone creature
Shadow of the Colossus (2018): Hey there little guy.

Bluepoint Games should really rethink the "Games" moniker, seeing as how the studio only occasionally works on an actual game. Not this time of course, as makers of the new Shadow of the Colossus set out to make an even bigger remaster.

Imagine our enthusiasm at writing a third remaster piece today - but we've no choice other than to immerse ourselves in the irony of many "new releases" actually being old games in king's garments. The king is naked, anyone?

Anyway, Bluepoint Games president Marco Thrush was recently asked whether they would implement everything they learned on an actual new title, Thrush said that they could, but won't.

Thrush said that Shadow of the Colossus served its purpose in ensuring the developer team is large enough to take on more serious, triple A titles. Their next remake, therefore, will be aimed at improving the internal production pipelines.

Bluepoint A huge stone creature from the game Shadow of Colossus holding a hammer Shadow of the Colossus (2018): It's all in your head, man.

To be fair though, Shadow of the Colossus has to be one of few examples of remasters done properly. However, we fail to see how producing original titles fails to improve the production pipeline as well.

Indeed, Thrush says they all realised that Bluepoint's most lacking aspect is their design prowess. We're amazed at how they came to this conclusion, seeing as how their original titles have been so rare, they're more like anomalies.

Bluepoint Games has also been in charge of remastering God of War Collection, ClassicsHD, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear series, Uncharted and it seems like the only name missing is the Beatles.

We really wish Bluepoint Games the best with their remastering aspirations, but perhaps they should spend more time listening to the wisdom of old, such as - you miss 100 percent of shots you don't take.

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