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PUBG Corp and StarLadder to partner up for a PUBG pro league

Published: 16:59, 10 October 2018
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PUBG may not still be eSports ready but that's not going to stop PUBG Corp and StarLadder from kicking off additional professional eSports leagues. The new league will be called PUBG Europe League and is set to commence in January 2019.

Despite being named "PUBG Europe League" or PEL for short, it will include professional teams from Middle East and Africa as well. It will feature a shared prize pool with Contenders League that will stand at €1 million. The league will start at the beginning of 2019 and will be a part of the larger pro league network that will also serve as a way to determine participants of an international event at the end of the season.

There will be a total of 16 teams that will compete in PEL, which will consist of three phases. Matches will be played in one of European capitals, but there is no confirmation on which city it will be at the moment. PUBG Corp will provide housing and travel support for the pro teams, but the details will be provided in months to come.

PEL is apparently another step forward in PUBG Corp's five-year-plan to construct a sustainable eSports infrastructure. One would think the first step would be to have a stable game not riddled with performance issues, but whatever floats PUBG's boats.

Unlike other competitive leagues, PEL will feature a promotion and relegation system so teams will have to stay on their toes to keep their status among the elite company. On the other hand, potential upcoming teams will have a chance to climb the ranks and get their shot at a life as an eSport professional.

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These promotions and relegations will happen during tournaments that will happen at the end of each phase during a season. Open League will be the entry level competition that will be divided into three regions - Europe East, Europe West and the combined region of Middle East and Africa.

Contenders League will be the top tier of PEL and the participants will be decided during promotion tournaments, but it will not be restricted by the regions mentioned above.

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