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BloodRayne and BloodRayne 2 remasters get a release date

Published: 01:56, 04 November 2020

Ziggurat Interactive announced the name of the upgraded versions of BloodRayne games as well as release date which is just a few weeks away.

BloodRayne's updated versions will have Terminal Cut in their names, in honour of Terminal Reality, who originally developed the titles. Both BloodRayne and BloodRayne will release on November 20, 2020, and in possibly even better news, the owners of the games will not have to pay again to purchase them.

Considering this is not a complete remake, the decision to give the updated games away to those who own the originals on Steam or GOG might not feel as a big deal but keep in mind that Ziggurat Interactive is specifically looking to preserve old gems and are not the original developers. In other words, they had every right to charge us but decided against it.

While not many aspects of visual fidelity have been improved, there are changes to reflections, water, fog and shadows. Furthermore, the engine has been improved to support uncompressed original textures, lighting has been improved along with the ability to render with up to 4x anti-aliasing. The cinematics have been upscaled and higher display resolutions now have support. Yes, this includes 4K.

Besides the aforementioned upgrades and the localisation for five languages, Terminal Cut will have support for modern gamepads with XInput. It remains to be seen how all the actions will be mapped and if all those finishing moves will be intuitive to pull off.

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