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BloodRayne is about to be revived thanks to Ziggurat acquisition

Published: 12:56, 16 June 2020

Nostalgia is swooping over the gaming industry as another series is getting a revival from its 2000s run and this time we are getting the Nazi-hating half-vampire back. Bloodrayne is officially coming back.

BloodRayne has all the traits that were the fire in early 2000s but would probably be considered inappropriate in modern-day. She is a half-vampire that will apparently retain her youthful appearance and hourglass figure forever, packs hand-mounted blades and has a plethora of gory ways to kill an enemy.

Ziggurat Interactive would not be deterred by the possibility of the modern society rejecting Rayne for who she is as they acquired the rights to the IP from the previous holders, Majesco Entertainment. In case you are not familiar with Ziggurat, they are a publishing company that was established not so long ago and are looking to preserve some of the classic games.

In the case of BloodRayne, preservation was sorely needed as many players are having issues while trying to run the first two games on modern systems. 

Anyway, Ziggurat's plans for BloodRayne include updating the game which should bring compatibility improvements and other enhancements but they did not specifically state anything about remastering it so far. 

However, the future could be bright for Rayne's bleak world as Wade Rosen, Ziggurat's president, mentioned something about expanding the world which normally means new games n the universe.

We will keep our fingers crossed for that idea as Rayne turned out to be one of the best, although overlooked, action heroes in video games throughout 2000s.

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