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Blizzard to swing the nerf-hammer on six Hearthstone cards

Published: 07:35, 16 May 2018
Blizzard's logo over Hearthstone's artwork for the Witchwood expansion

Blizzard have announced they'll be nerfing a total of six cards as part of Hearthstone's upcoming balance changes, so as to level the playing field in terms of some decks that are too cumbersome to play against, especially concurrently.

Perhaps the biggest hit of the bunch was taken by Naga Sea Witch, whose cost is no longer five but eight mana. Hearthstone players who've encountered the deck in Wild mode surely know the helpless feeling of having to deal with waves of giants on turn five.

Hearthstone's Warlock got two nerfs, namely Possessed Lackey and Dark Pact cards. Possessed Lackey's cost is up from five to six mana, whereas Dark Pact will only heal four HP, instead of previous eight.

The devs explained that both of the cards allowed certain Warlock decks too much power too early. Moreover, Dark Pact had an additional benefit of virtually not having to worry about health while doing so. 

Blizzard is aware that Paladin decks pretty much rule Hearthstone at the moment, although they seem to have focused most nerf efforts on the Warlock class. They did increase the cost of Call to Arms cards from four to five mana but we doubt this will be enough to level the playing field.

Spiteful Summoner now costs seven mana, up from eight. The team explained that Hearthstone's recent card rotation has brought about changes that made the Summoner a tad too powerful when used with cards such as Ultimate Infestation.

The Quest Rogue has taken yet another hit, with the quest reward now being minions with 4/4, instead of earlier 5/5. Note that this is the second time the card was nerfed, with previous quest being playing only four minions of the same name.

Blizzard Upcoming balance changes on six cards from Blizzard's Hearthstone Hearthstone card changes

We must admit though, Hearthstone announcements will never be the same now that the team have parted ways with . The big man really knew how to put up a show and his enthusiasm for the game was second to none. Of course, not that Blizzard lacks the firepower to replace him, but still.

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