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Hearthstone's next expansion is called The Boomsday Project

Published: 19:56, 10 July 2018
Updated: 20:48, 10 July 2018
Logo for Hearthstone's upcoming expansion The Boomsday Project

Blizzard's Team 5, the smaller internal team responsible for development of Hearthstone, has always had a flare for the goofy and dramatic and it's pretty nice seeing that Ben Brode's departure from the company hasn't changed a thing.

First things first - The Boomsday Project launches on 07 August 2018 and has 135 cards, although it seems as if someone in the Hearthstone team jumped the gun with the trailer announcement. Namely, the official website didn't launch at the time of the trailer but all's well now so let's dig into stuff that matters.

Other than digging into Larry Jeff, the "creepy" intern who foolishly believes his real name is Levi, the video teases several cards from The Boomsday Project, with some exciting new traits to match. 

First up is Spider Bomb, whose trait "Magnetic" actually means you can use it to buff your existing cards. It's a mech too, so lots of interesting synergetic potential there. It's a spider. That is also a bomb.

The Boomsday Project is adding project cars, which are basically spell cards that help both you and your Hearthstone adversary. One of them you see below - Biology Project, which gives players two mana crystals each.

Omega Project cards, such as the Omega Defender on the photo below, act as regular cards until you've got 10 mana crystals. So, if you can hold your proverbial horses with these cards until turn number 10, you're be dealing some serious damage.

The Boomsday Project focuses on Dr. Boom, although this time he's the boss and called Dr. Boom The Mad Genius. Every Hearthstone class is getting a new legendary spell, starting with Myra's Unstable Element, which makes you draw the rest of your deck. Needless to say, very tactical, although we can't wait to see the rest.

Blizzard Three cards from Hearthstone's expansion The Boomsday Project Hearthstone, sneak peek at The Boomsday Project

As usual, the Hearthstone team will be holding an official reveal streaming event, where they will reveal the rest of the goodies from The Boomsday Project. The stream is scheduled for 23 July 2018.

Blizzard Two more cards from Hearthstone's The Boomsday Project Hearthstone, The Boomsday Project

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