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Hearthstone team unveils more cards from The Boomsday Project

Published: 13:44, 20 July 2018
Updated: 18:40, 16 August 2018
Official logo for Hearthstone's expansion The Boomsday Project
Hearthstone, The Boomsday Project

With Hearthstone's The Boomsday Project launch just around the corner, the dev is teasing more cards from the set, including Supercollider weapon, Flobbidinous Floop, who is a cheap master of mimicry and wonderful Whizbang the Wonderful.

Well, I can't attest just yet to him being as wonderful as Blizzard would have us think but he does seem like a wonderful chap. The Hearthstone team says that Whizbang replaces your hero and the entire deck, renaming it to Whizbang is Wonderful. Well, I guess he is then.

There's a catch though - putting him in your deck means you'll be playing with 18 different decks in the RNG basket, although it's probably worth it when you like to live dangerously.

As you can see, Supercollider is a five mana warrior weapon, with a little something special. Even though its one damage attack is pretty weak, it forces minions to deal damage to neighbours. Needless to say, this will be a joy to abuse.  

Flobbidinous Floop is a druid legendary minion who is basically a cheap double of whatever you've played, again an abuse goldmine. You can use it in combination with rush or charge cards for quick damage, since he keeps his damage, or just copy your legendary on the cheap. 

In case you weren't following, Hearthstone's The Boomsday Project is focused on science and players will eventually be pit up against Dr. Boom. He apparently set up his evil lair in the netherstorm, packing it chock full with the brightest minds Azeroth has to offer.

The Boomsday Project will have nine types of labs, "catering to a different type of science" and each run by different legendary scientist such as meteorologist Electra Stormsurge, laser master Tangor the Crystal Golem and so on.

Classes have been re-tooled to fit The Boomsday Project theme so mages are astronomers, shaman are meteorologists while warlocks got soul research, etc.

Blizzard Three newly revealed cards from Hearthstone's expansion Hearthstone, The Boomsday Project

As usual with Hearthstone's expansions, more cards will be revealed in the coming days so we'll try to keep up.

You can find out more on Hearthstone's official website .

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