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Hearthstone's Witchwood expansion is now live on all platforms

Published: 14:46, 13 April 2018
Blizzard Entertainment
Two worgen hunting stuff
Hearthstone Witchwood - The worgen are a prominent race in the expansion

Blizzard's TCG game just got a large update which contains the newest expansion titled Witchwood. All cards from the Year of the Mammoth were excluded from Standard play, while many new ones from the Year of the Raven have been introduced.

Blizzard's take on the TCG genre just got its seventh expansion titled The Witchwood. Furthermore, seeing as this marks the start of a new era for Hearthstone called The Year of the Raven, more than 300 cards have been removed from Standard play. Blizzard fanboys can relax, for even though the cards may have been removed from Standard decks, but they are still available in the Wild mode.

Blizzard Entertainment A castle Hearthstone Witchwood - Gloomy castles ahead

The Witchwood is a dark, Van Helsing-esque themed expansion which adds into play 136 new cards. This may sound like an underachievement since the removal of 314 cards from the previous Year of the Mammoth will take its toll on the meta. Soon enough, streamers and grand master players will be setting the next builds while us mere mortals will be stuck relying on basic cards.

Blizzard Fantasy looking chart depicting a Year of the Raven in the game Hearthstone Blizzard: Hearthstone: The Year of the Raven

The new cards do bring some new mechanics which will surely change things up. The three additions are Start of Game, which activates a card's effect at the start of the game, Echo enables them to activate multiple times, and finally Rush which functions as a sort of charge but doesn't allow the card in question to attack the enemy hero directly.

With each expansion's release, Blizzard practically urges players to purchase as many card packs as possible in order to fully experience the newest release. As soon as the hype dies down, things go back to being relatively normal and by that time, if you didn't buy a pack or 50, you're stuck at the lowest tier of gameplay.

AltChar A shield shaped wheel with a raven sign in the middle under a Hearthstone logo Blizzard: Hearthstone

Hearthstone may be Blizzard's take on the TCG genre in video game form, but they first attempted to step into those waters a while back with their World of Warcraft physical card game. Although the card game was pulled out of production, the art on all the cards is rather impressively done.

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