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Activision Blizzard teasing new Overwatch character, hero 30

Published: 09:21, 22 February 2019
Concept art for Overwatch, showing one of the new heroes
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Activision Blizzard have started teasing what appears to be Overwatch's hero 30. It's a classified report by captain D. Cuerva, whose mission is to capture one Jean-Baptiste Augustin, a medic that's a better shot than any Cuerva trained.

The report in question is actually about how captain Cuerva lost his strike team while chasing Jean Baptiste-Augustin, whose proficiency with whatever he's wielding left the captain without three soldiers before he even saw the guy.

This basically leaves two options for Overwatch's new hero - captain Cuerva or Baptiste-Augustin, although the latter is leading in the likelihood of appearing in the game, and the following excerpt shows why exactly.

"I know better than to underestimate Baptiste. I helped train him myself, and he was one of our best. I've never known a medic to be such a good shot, and his adaptability to new situations is a rare talent. All of us have seen our fair share of conflict, but Baptiste was built to survive. I swear he has the Devil's own luck", the report says. 

So, all the signs are pointing towards Overwatch's next hero being Baptiste, a trigger-happy medic, while the rest is shrouded in mystery. Blizzard usually took their sweet time in teasing and re-teasing heroes but we suspect hero 30 will take much less time. 

Being French and all, Baptiste should slot into Overwatch's new assault map , which was recently moved from the Public Test Realm to live servers, together with the and all. We've got to admit though, the tunes players come up with can really bring a smile to one's face.

Overwatch's last hero to be added was rifle wielding, TNT chucking outlaw . Prior to that, we had , the destructive wrecking ball, so we guess it was high time to introduce some medics.

Blizzard Fictional captain D. Cuerva's fictional report in Overwatch Overwatch, captain D. Cuerva's report

Activision Blizzard are likely to have more information on who exactly we're talking about here pretty soon so stay tuned.

You can find Overwatch's short video tease on Twitter , or check out captain D. Cuerva's report in full over .

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