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Binaries - BAFTA nominated indie platformer out now for Switch

Published: 14:53, 28 September 2017
Ant Workshop

Ant Workshop's puzzle platformer Binaries is now available on the Switch. The game was nominated for a BAFTA ‘Best Game’ award. Ant Workshop was also nominated in the ‘Best Micro Studio’ category in the Develop Awards 2017.

Binaries is a difficult platformer developed by Ant Workshop. From what I've read, you'll have a lot of negative feelings towards the developers once you get into it. The game is a puzzle platformer with more than 100 levels. You can replay each level in order to get the best time. You maniac.

Binaries' map is non-linear so you can pick and choose which level you want to rage quit at your own leisure. The description insists that the game contains up to 10 jokes. I can not verify this information at the moment.

Ant Workshop Binaries Binaries

Next up, we have the aforementioned developers. The team behind Binaries (mainly) consists of two people: Will Morton and Tony Gowland. According to the press release: "by day Will makes the pew pews, the booms, and the shouty men for some of the biggest games franchises around, and by night he fights crime. Sorry, hang on, that's not right - by night he makes funky soundtracks for abstract platform games. Way cooler than crime fighting, and with more high-tech gadgets."

"After years of being humiliated by his lack of skills at Super Meat Boy and n++, Tony decided the only way he'd be able to beat one of these fast-paced platform games would be if he made it himself, so he'd know the tricks to all of the levels. And so here we are. (At the time of writing, Tony still cannot beat all of the levels in binaries.)" says the press release about Tony.

Ant Workshop Binaries Binaries

Ok, now why did you read all of this. Because Binaries just became available for the . Up until now, the game has been available on , PC via , and .

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