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Disjunction, a pixelated cyberpunk action-RPG game gets a release date

Published: 22:50, 11 January 2021
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Disjunction cover, showing three characters from the game.
Disjunction - Welcome to 2048

Disjunction gets a release date and a new trailer. This pixelated stylish stealth-action RPG game looks like real fun, and it's coming out on all major platforms on January 28.

This is probably not the cyberpunk RPG game that first comes to mind when those words come together, but Disjunction has everything a dystopian futuristic cyberpunk RPG game must have - augmentations, a dystopian underworld, and vicious protagonists.

Disjunction is an indie stealth-action RPG game, developed by Ape Tribe Games . The game is set to release on January 28 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam), and gamers on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S systems will be able to play the game through backwards compatibility. 

Check out the new trailer below:

Key features of Disjunction:

Three main characters

Disjunction follows the stories of three characters and each character has a unique personality, story, and set of abilities. 

Flexible playstyle

Disjunction offers gamers the freedom and flexibility to choose their own playstyle, be it lethal high-octane combat, or stealth mixed with non-lethal attacks to reach their objective. 

Choices matter

Based on playstyle and dialogue choices, the story experience will react and change, culminating in a wide range of possible endings.

Deep character progression 

In Disjunction, you’ll be able to unlock cybernetic upgrades to augment your abilities via upgrade trees, and build upon your playstyle to improve your stealth or increase the lethality of attacks through talent trees.

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