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Bethesda post Doom Eternal gameplay videos and reviews are awesome

Published: 09:26, 22 January 2020
id Software
The Doom Slayer shooting multiple demons in Doom Eternal's single player campaign
One Direction's new look is proving divisive...

Pre-release hype has rarely been wise recently, but Bethesda and id Software are surely an exception as Doom Eternal seems to tick all the boxes. It looks awesome, has lightning-fast gameplay and the brutality can put many a horror game to shame.

We're confident everyone has their favourite content creators, and if you prefer to read about it, our hands-on preview will have you covered. However, id Software and Bethesda posted their own roundup where content creators were allowed to capture lengthy stretches of gameplay, and it's well worth the watch. All of it. 

Several of id Software's devs claimed that this is the best Doom game they've ever made, which we must admit is a bit of a thankless and borderline disrespectful statement to make considering the historical importance of the franchise that started back when Bethesda and id were competitors. 

That said, if we ignore the historical context, it's really hard to argue that Doom has entered a new era and is likely to set a standard in just about every respect, much like its illustrious predecessors.

In the video by Gman Lives that we included above, the man states, "Doom Eternal is going to ruin (in a good way) the FPS genre for years to come." And judging by everything on display, it looks as if he's spot-on. 

He keenly noticed that the poor recipients of the tough-chainsaw-love treatment look really surprised and not quite delighted with how their short-lived demonic existence turned out for them.

Xous54/Bethesda artwok showing doomguy and doom eternal hud Design your HUD the way you want it!

The dev even went as far as ensuring that your reflection is briefly seen in the visor once you grab powerups, and it's clear that the extra time and id Software took was worth it. The devil is in the details. No pun intended. Or was it?

Anyway, you can check out Bethesda's roundup , and perhaps the best part of it all is that they prohibited content creators from recording "the best parts". Hype on! 

Doom Eternal, id Software and Bethesda's monument to brutality

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DOOM Eternal

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