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Bethesda sued over Creation Club in Fallout 4

Published: 19:46, 25 February 2021
Creation Club - "I think the modders are trying to tell us something. But what?"

Creation Club was never a popular addition but Bethesda got into even more trouble now as they are facing a class-action lawsuit due to their Fallout 4 addition.

Bethesda's infamy when it comes to monetising mods spans as far back as the horse armour incident but even though it was mocked extensively, the feedback didn't stop the company from trying something similar in the future.

Fast forward to the days of Fallout 4, they introduced the Season Pass, which was already a set practice for the industry but that wasn't the issue on its own. Namely, the description of the Season Pass noted purchasers would be entitled to future DLC at no extra cost.

This was indeed the case with the expansions and other minor DLC but the things in Creation Club were still locked behind microtransactions. It is this part that Bethesda is now being sued for since this is technically content for Fallout 4 which can be downloaded, or as one might call it - downloadable content (DLC).

It remains to be seen whether the argument holds up in court since it may be a long shot due to the context here. When we purchase a Season Pass, we mostly think about the DLC officially released by Bethesda, not mods made by the community that are monetised by the company.

Bethesda Fallout 76 - Nukashine Power Armor Paint Fallout 76 is making a killing with microtransactions, no Season Pass included

While it's unlikely such a technicality will result in a big company losing a court battle, it would be a quite exquisite bit of irony if it did.

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