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BattlEye will support Steam Deck

Published: 11:17, 25 September 2021
More than 100k people pre-ordered Steam Deck in less than three hours
More than 100k people pre-ordered Steam Deck in less than three hours

One of the biggest concerns Steam Deck enthusiasts may have had is now put to rest as the BattlEye anti-cheat will support the platform, allowing the play of numerous games.

When it was announced that Steam Deck would rely on Proton and Linux, some fans immediately started pondering whether some of the most popular games would support the system, especially Destiny 2 which has a history of issues with the OS.

One of the reasons to doubt the functionality of some games there was the anti-cheat the game employs, BattlEye. Besides Destiny 2, it is utilised in other popular Steam games like Rainbow Six Siege and PUBG so the suspicions grew all around. Until September 24, 2021, that is, when BattlEye team themselves confirmed this will not be an issue on their side.

In a tweet on the official account, BattlEye confirmed that they supported Linux and Mac for a long time and that is not going to change for the time being. This means that Steam Deck's Proton will have the support as well and all it takes will be an opt-in from game developers who can choose to allow it or not.

If you're not familiar with Proton, it's a compatibility layer that allows games made for Windows to run on Linux operating system. In other words, Steam Deck will be able to run your favourite titles, as long as their developers allow it.

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