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Battletech's first expansion Flashpoint now has a release date

Published: 20:29, 21 August 2018
Harebrained Schemes
Picture of two mechs fighting in shallow water in a tropical land

Harebrained Schemes and Paradox Interactive have announced the first expansion pack for Battletech, named Flashpoint, will be released at some point in November 2018 and will bring new mechs, a new mission type and a new game mode.

Flashpoint currently doesn't have an exact release date, but it will likely be announced in near future, in order to narrow it down from simply "November 2018". The expansion will bring three new mechs to Battletech, including Hatcheman which was highly sought after by the community.

The namesake of the expansion are the new short stories which will be several mercenary missions linked together and will bring new crew conversations, special events, critical choices and new rewards. Some of these missions will be extra challenging as they will be the new "Consecutive Deployments" which means no repair downtime for your mechs between missions.

On the flip side, completing these more challenging missions will offer better rewards and fat bonuses, so it's basically high risk-high reward kind of situation. Flashpoint missions, along with the regular ones will sometimes unfold in new locations placed in a new, tropical biome which will feature tropical beach environment, sunny shores and some alien clutter here and there. You can preview the tropical lands in screenshots above and below.

Melee combat might become more alluring with the introduction of Hatchetman mech which chews through enemy armour. Harebrained Schemes didn't skim on other classes either though, as medium mechs' roster will be expanded by the Crab for those who like mobile units. The last addition, but definitely not the least, will be the Cyclops, for those who like walking armouries in their lance.

Harebrained Schemes Picture of two mechs zapping each other with lasers in shallow water BattleTech

Flashpoint will bring a new encounter, named Target Acquisition as well in order to give light and medium mechs a bigger role in the game, since it will feature three capture points on a map so players will need to switch positions in a quick manner. 

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