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BattleTech prepares for its last update

Published: 10:07, 14 February 2020
Updated: 10:08, 14 February 2020

Harebrained Schemes and Paradox Interactive announced they are preparing for one last update in BattleTech, after which the support for the game will end. There is also an infographic, showing the impressive numbers of hours clocked in by the players.

Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes released BattleTech on 24 April 2018. Now, almost two years later, the team announced they would stop support for the game while preparing for one last update which will arrive in late February 2020. That said, customer support will continue so if you have any grievances, they should be resolved by Paradox's employees. 

Meanwhile, Harebrained Schemes are focusing on two new projects that they didn't officially announce yet. Here's to hoping there are more BattleTech and Shadowrun games in the pipeline.

Back in 2018, right before the launch of BattleTech, HBS stated they adopt Paradox's proclivity for massive amounts of DLC but as it turns out this was not the case. 

There were nine free updates and three paid expansions which included Heavy Metal, Urban Warfare and Flashpoint. Those are not the only stats available though as that should shine more light on the players' activity.

Apparently, just under 3.4 million hours of BattleTech were played each month. The three expansions certainly added to the singleplayer longevity but it's safe to say it didn't hurt to have the mods around either. Shadow Hawk, Vindicator and Centurion turned out to be the most used mechs and even the punch-happy Atlas couldn't surpass them.

Gallery of several BattleTech screenshots and promotional artwork

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM

The opposite of Atlas are the mobile but lightly armoured scout mechs, usually piloted by Dekker who also seems to have a death mark. As it turns out, he died 10,486 times per month on average.

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