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Battlefield V's latest map is Operation Metro remake

Published: 16:31, 01 October 2019
battlefield v screenshot showing metro combat
Battlefield V's new map is out on 03 October

EA and Dice are introducing a new map to Battlefield V on 03 October 2019. Named Operation Underground, it's a remake of the iconic Metro Operation from Battlefield 3.

It's almost a year since the release of Battlefield V and the developers DICE are still working on new content for the game. Recently, the devs announced that Al Sundan map is coming to Conquest and Breakthrough modes along with other tweaks such as Prone Gameplay changes and weapon balancing.

Another big addition that was announced last week is the brand new map named Operation Underground. Following the announcement, EA and Dice have today shared the first gameplay from the new map and if it looks familiar that’s because it should. Operation Underground is the WW2-themed remake of the fan-favourite and the iconic Metro Operation map from Battlefield 3.

It's the sixth post-launch multiplayer map in Battlefield V and it will officially launch on Thursday, 03 October 2019. Just like all the other post-launch maps, Operation Underground arrives as a free addition for all Battlefield V players.

If you played Operation Metro, you'll probably know what to expect but for those who didn't get the chance to try it out, the map is set in a subway system and it emphasizes close quarter combat with long hallways and tight corridors. Also, there are a couple of choke points and the matches can get chaotic pretty quickly.

As announced back at E3 2019, Operation Underground will be the final map set on the European front. Later this year, Battlefield V will get three new maps set in Pacific front, which will also introduce the US and Japanese factions, new weapons and more. These are part of Chapter 5 and are coming sometime during Autumn 2019.

EA Two soldiers on the battlefield in Battlefield V Battlefield V, in the thick of it

You can take a closer look at the new map in the trailer above and for more details about Battlefield V's roadmap and the upcoming content, visit .

Battlefield V is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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