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Battlefield 5 to feature cosmetic microtransactions only

Published: 21:32, 05 March 2018
Promotional image from Battlefield 1 showing a black american soldier in a stand-off with a blond german soldier.
Battlefield 1

Following the disaster caused by EA's greed bulging out of Battlefront 2 in the form of loot boxes and microtransactions, we might see a Battlefield game not plagued by paid progression. Battlefield V will unfold in World War 2.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was the boiling point for gamers all around the world whose frustrations with publisher callousness has been building up over the years. When the volcano erupted, there were no excuses left for the greed army and EA eventually suffered a minor setback of losing ~£2.17 billion ($3 billion) in stock market. EA have now recovered from that dip entirely, but it appears they do not plan on repeating the same mistake again.

Kotaku have that one of their sources confirmed no one in EA took the loot box controversy lightly and pay-to-win stuff isn't going to be happening anymore. One part of that statement is going down the drain, right off the bat. Even though the loot box controversy was not taken lightly, it was that loot boxes will be present in Battlefield V.

DICE A leaked image showing the next Battlefield game will likely be called Battlefield V. Battlefield V - A leaked image for the next Battlefield game.

While the little RNG bundles are bad in general, at least the ones coming in Battlefield V are likely to be restricted to cosmetic items. To that end, it was also confirmed that soldier customization will be way more diverse than in previous games, in order to cater to the cosmetic loot box model.

Battlefield V will be set in World War 2, which was the setting planned for the previous game in the franchise but apparently DICE didn't want to ''waste the setting right away''. World War 2 was kept as a contingency plan in case Battlefield 1 didn't prove to be successful. 

DICE Screenshot from Battlefield 1943 showing a soldier carrying a Thompson submachine gun on the battlefield. Battlefield 1943 - The last Battlefield game set in World War 2 was released in 2009.

Battlefield 1 was a success though, but so was Call of Duty: WW2 which may be the reason why DICE aren't staying in World War 1 setting any longer. Fans have been calling for another Battlefield in Bad Company line, but considering the current trend of going back to World War 2, it is not likely to happen any time soon.

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