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EA DICE announce Battlefield V gameplay changes and additions

Published: 14:25, 02 June 2018
Image of a soldier in a leather jacket that belongs 1980s Germany rather than World War 2
Battlefield V

EA and DICE have announced improvements Battlefield V will have compared to the previous entries in the series, such as movement, destruction and teams in a lengthy post. In a twist of PR fate, they have also mentioned historical accuracy.

EA DICE opened the post by saying that while many topics will be covered, they will center around "two common denominators of the Battlefield V gameplay philosophy: immersion and squad play". I must have travelled here from a parallel universe, because in mine, Battlefield V obliterated immersion by putting katanas on British soldiers.

They continue by saying that "immersion" can mean many things and in Battlefield V it means soldier's movement, combat situations, the shape of the environment and such. Oh, good, still in the same universe, since their "immersion" completely bypassed the part about Fortnite-styled cosmetics in Battlefield V.

Anyway, soldiers will now be able to move in different ways which includes sprinting while crouching, backpedalling while prone, rolling, diving, firing from positions players weren't able to before and jumping through windows. Sweet! . Environments will now interact with the player's movement, so if someone is crawling through tall grass, it will obfuscate their position but might also give it up since the grass will move as the player moves.

Three classes were mentioned in the post - Scout, Medic and Support. Scouts are mentioned in the context of sneaking through shrubbery while the Support class will be able to carry light machine guns, as well as build and maintain defences. Medic can revive any allied player in a team while other classes can revive only squad mates.

Players will also be able to drag downed teammates around, since EA DICE suddenly care about historical facts and note that tending to a wounded soldier on a heated battlefield has "historically been a suicide mission". It remains unclear whether they mean proper history or Battlefield history though.

EA One of the characters from EA and DICE's game Battlefield V Battlefield V

Health will no longer regenerate automatically so players will depend upon their squad medics for that. They will also depend on building defensive structures around the map if they don't want to be made into mince meat by stray tanks.

EA DICE ended the post by saying they hope players are as excited as they are for the "gameplay innovations of Battlefield V". To be honest, each of the gameplay features mentioned was done in another game before and the only actual innovations Battlefield V are the outlandish cosmetics. You can see the full list of the apparent innovations on .

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