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Battlefield 6 Levolution will "blow your mind" says leaker; confirms trailer date

Published: 08:11, 13 April 2021
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Battlefield 4

The next Battlefield game could be revealed on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, according to leaker Kolibri who also states the Levolution in Dice's new title will "blow your mind".

The hype train for the next Battlefield game is reaching critical speed as we get closer and closer to the official reveal, which should be coming next month. Today, we have a couple of new details about the reveal date from Battlefield leaker Kolibri, who states that the first trailer could be coming on Tuesday, May 11.

Additionally, the leaker also offered some insight regarding the game's destruction, which was already teased by reliable Tom Henderson, who said that Battlefield 2021 will have Levolution on steroids.

Apparently, the storms in the next Battlefield will change the way you play, specifically in vehicles and planes. The gameplay will also get changed as big buildings and towers collapse onto the map. For example, some paths to objectives will get completely blocked so players will need to find other ways to get to the objective.

Kolibri also hypes up the game, stating that Battlefield will feature big explosions and destruction that will "blow your mind". Specifically, the particle effects, rain, fire and smoke are incredibly realistic.


Last but not least, everything that has been leaked is just a drop in the bucket and there are so many things and details that are yet to be revealed and discovered by players, the leaker concludes.

As always with rumours and speculation, we suggest you take everything with a grain of salt until officially confirmed.

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