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Battlefield 2042 has already lost almost 50 per cent of its player base on Steam

Published: 11:43, 29 November 2021
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Battlefield 2042 Season 3 is just around the corner and EA DICE are gearing up for the launch with fresh batch of content

Battlefield 2042's 24 hour peak on Steam is at 52k which is almost 50 per cent lower than the all-time peak of 100k players which was set shorty after launch.

Despite its rough launch, Battlefield 2042 has attracted almost twice as many players as Battlefield V on launch, according to EA and their data. On Steam, Battlefield 2042 has been played by over 100k players, as seen in the statistic on Steam Charts.

However, the player count took a huge dip over the last week. The 24-hour peak is now sitting at just over 52k, which is almost 50 per cent lower than the all-time peak of 100k players that was set shortly after the game launched.

Of course, this is far from a disastrous situation for the game since not everyone on PC has purchased Battlefield 2042 via Steam. The game is also available on EA's Origin and Epic Games Store but it's safe to say Steam probably leads the two when it comes to sold copies.

SteamCharts Battlefield 2042 player numbers Battlefield 2042 player numbers

Even if the PC population dropped to abysmally low numbers, there's still cross-play, which allows PC players to play against those on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

One thing that can worry EA and DICE is the overall reception of the game and the negative tone that is surrounding the release but that's completely on them for releasing such an unfinished game in the first place. 

We're sure that Battlefield 2042 will manage to keep a healthy player count numbers over time but EA and DICE better start delivering those promised updates, sooner rather than later.

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