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Battlefield 2021 trailer could be set in Japan

Published: 08:16, 14 April 2021
screenshot from battlefield 4 showing a soldier on snowy mountain
Battlefield 4: Final Stand

As we get closer to the official reveal of the next Battlefield game, players are discovering more clues about the upcoming trailer, which is seemingly set on a Japanese island.

EA and DICE should reveal the next Battlefield game next month if the info from insiders and leakers is correct. Usually, the month of May is indeed the month when Battlefield games get revealed so it's safe to assume that the trailer for the next one is coming very soon.

While we wait for the trailer, Battlefield fans have been trying to discover as many clues as possible about the new trailer, thanks to leaked info from reliable insider Tom Henderson. 

One of the clues points at the potential location that will be shown in the trailer. Apparently, EA and DICE will showcase a huge map set on a Japanese island. Check it out below:

Google Earth google earth screenshot showing Battlefield 6 trailer location Battlefield 6 trailer location

Leaker Tom Henderson also made a drawing of some of the scenes from the trailer and judging by it, it seems that the trailer features Tanegashima Space Centre and many other landmarks from this island.

If EA and DICE are trying to recreate the real-life island of Tanegashima then that's probably good news for those who expect large scale battles, that the Battlefield franchise is known for. But as always with these leaks and speculation, take it with a dose of scepticism until we see the actual trailer, which is eagerly anticipated.

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