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Baldur's Gate 3 touches on 1 & 2 in meaningful ways, with familiar faces

Published: 14:34, 13 March 2020
Larian Studios
Baldur's Gate 3's official logo
Baldur's Gate 3, official logo

Larian's Reddit AMA has given us quite a few bits of valuable info, as well as the answer to the elusive question of whether Baldur's Gate 3 follows the storyline of its predecessors. The answer isn't a simple yes or no, however, as the dev didn't want to spoil anything.

It's no wonder Larian are steering clear of spoilers though, as the preceding storylines sound like they're not only part of Baldur's Gate 3, they're instrumental in telling the next chapter. 

"We really don’t want to spoil anything but we wouldn’t call it Baldur’s Gate 3 if there wouldn’t be a link. Let me just say that we touch upon the story of BG 1 & 2 in meaningful ways, there are returning characters and what happened in BG 1/2/tob leads to what happens into BG3", the studio said. 

They also said that this may not be immediately apparent at the start of Baldur's Gate 3, but once you're further into the game - things will be pretty clear to those looking to pick up where they left off.

That said, a lot of time passed since the last Baldur's Gate, not counting the remasters, of course, and with the new 5e D&D rules in place, it's safe to say not to expect a direct sequel in the classic gaming sense. 

Larian also discussed characters of Baldur's Gate 3, and this time around, Custom characters will not be suffering from the faults of the earlier design, whereby not picking Origin characters directly translated in less content and dialogue options. 

"Custom characters are hugely important to us, and when you choose your class, race and background, you'll already have made choices that have an impact throughout the game - both in terms of what you can do, how you’re perceived, and what you know", the studio said. 

Larian Studios Baldur's Gate 3 screenshot showing traps in a dungeon Baldur's Gate 3

Clearly, switching to the 5e D&D ruleset means Larian had a lot of adapting to do, and not all of it will be done prior to launch. For instance, the features and mechanics that specify which reaction they want enable in anticipation of enemy actions will not be there in Early Access. 

You can learn more on Larian's Reddit AMA .

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