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Baldur's Gate 3 is getting its most versatile class with Patch 4: Nature's Power

Published: 00:57, 18 February 2021
Larian Studios
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Baldur's Gate 3, maybe try and sing to them?

Larian Studios promised a feature-packed show for Panel from Hell 2 and they duly delivered, with the most notable highlight being Baldur's Gate 3's new class, the Druid.

Patch 4: Nature's Power has been touted as Larian's biggest Baldur's Gate 3 update yet, which seemed about right too. Unfortunately, the dev stopped short of giving a fixed launch date, opting instead to go with "very soon, when it's ready".

As for the content coming with Patch 4: Nature's Power, Larian surprised Baldur's Gate 3 fans and players with a brand new class, the Druid, whose archetypal proficiencies are referenced right there in the update's official title. 

This fundamental difference is reflected in gameplay mechanics too, where the choice of Druidic Circles impacts everything from spells to world views, ultimately resulting in more organic means of progression for Baldur's Gate 3 Druids. 

Druidic Circles also dictate Druids' shape-shifting options, which were some of the coolest features we've seen today. Heck, between their well balanced spellbook and the ability to morph into ravens, aberrant shapes and whatnot, Baldur's Gate 3's new conjurer looks like a fan favourite before it even launched.

Speaking of the spellbook, Larian ensured Druids have a well-balanced set of buffs, area effects, attacking spells, etc. which makes for a particularly resilient character and an automatic shoo-in for a party member. 

Along with the game-centric features comes a number of quality-of-life tweaks and updates, like optional loaded dice and the ability to see inventory and character sheets of party members.

Baldur's Gate 3 developer implemented a number of features requested by the community, such as interactive portraits that can now be used for attacking, and a flee button. 

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