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Dark Alliance latest update heftier than the last, cross-play still MIA

Published: 14:54, 21 July 2021
Tuque Games
D&D Dark Alliance - Bruenor Battlehammer
D&D Dark Alliance - Bruenor Battlehammer

D&D Dark Alliance recently got a new patch that addressed a bunch of different bugs, balanced some monsters the in-game loot and gear as well as made some changes to progression.

D&D: Dark Alliance just got a beefier patch than the one delivered to us at the beginning of the month. Alas, the latest patch notes make no mention of cross-play - between Steam, Windows 10 and Xbox platforms as well as between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Dark Alliance Patch 1.17.85 quick rundown

The new patch brought a host of fixes: namely, it has ended the reign on the infinite loading glitch after a total party wipe against a boss.

The devs are currently working on further improving AI's responsiveness. While most enemies now react faster than before, certain foes still take their own sweet time noticing the players.

A bunch of monsters have received a mix of buffs and nerfs to make them more balanced.

Dark Alliance's loot has been updated and the chance of extra usables dropping from small chests is no more.

Players who liked levelling up super fast in the early game will take umbrage at the change that has reduced the number of situations where players can quickly gain experience in low levels.

Tuque Games Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

Full Patch Notes – Dark Alliance V 1.17.85


Fixed infinite loading after a total party wipe during a boss fight.

Fixed an issue where players would disconnect after rejoining an existing session.

Fixed an issue where quest items could not be collected immediately after being dropped in multiplayer.

Improvements to AI responsiveness. Most enemies now react faster at the start of combat and quickly turn to face the players. However, certain enemies are still slow to take action once they notice players. This is actively being worked on.

Stability improvements.

Fixed animations and attacks that were out of sync.

Moves and selected difficulty can now be viewed during a mission.

Large enemies are now harder to stagger, although some can still be staggered in certain situations.

The stamina drain on Drizzt’s moves has been reduced.

Fixed an issue where players remained stuck outside the magic barriers when a boss fight was triggered.

Fixed an issue where Garn’s Mirror Image phantoms could spawn outside the arena.

Fixed an issue in Crystalline Dreams Act II where it was possible to fall through the map.

Fixed a visual issue in Verbeeg Jamboree Act I where the explosive barrel socket would appear prematurely.

Added missing “+” symbol to critical chance sub-stats

Tuque Games Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance Wulfgar gets it. Trailer screenshot. Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance - Wulfgar gets it.

Balance changes


Stonegrinder: reduced health and damage, increased armour

Abomination: reduced armour and damage

Hellraider: slightly reduced damage

Trolls: reduced regeneration rate

Kelvin: greatly increased health

General Greags: slightly decreased health


Removed the chance of extra usables dropping from small chests.

Gear sets and feats

Underdark Camo: reduced chance to apply poison.


Rebalanced XP to impact the early game. Some players were progressing from levels 1 to 5+ after just one mission of play. The update smooths out progression to reduce the scenarios where players gain experience in early levels so quickly.

Challenge Ratings (the following only affects CR5 and greater):

Greatly increased monster condition resistance, condition penetration, armor, and elemental resistances

Increased monster damage

Increased monster health

Increased hazard damage

Buffs & Debuffs

Greatly reduced effectiveness of weakened, cursed, and powerful Strikes.


Reduced the amount of maximum stamina and stamina cost reduction received from gear.

Stamina regeneration can no longer be rolled twice on gear.

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