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Autopsy Simulator gets surreal in announcement trailer

Published: 09:56, 20 April 2020
Woodland Games
Autopsy Simulator
Autopsy Simulator

Woodland Games released the announcement trailer for Autopsy SImulator recently and while one would think it's all about the daily life of a coroner, it starts delving into horror genre.

Autopsy Simulator might be an odd thing to try to begin with but another oddity is just around the corner. While having "Simulator" in the title previously meant that a game is all about simulating the real-life experience of a subject, this one will apparently derail into horror genre at some point.

Furthermore, the description on Steam implies it will not stop there as the game will then transform into mystery. Whether Woodland are attempting to wear one too many hats remains to be seen.

In the part that is true to the game's name, players will get to examine the reports, look through the files and see the history of the victim on their table. It is hinted the players might come across clues if they are thorough enough with the autopsy.

The cases in Autopsy SImulator were apparently created with the help of various forensic doctors and qualified personnel in order to make the experience more authentic. Woodland didn't entirely abandon realism in favour of horror either as they seem to be particularly proud of the detailed mapping of organs.

After that, it will be up to the developers to attempt and present the horror part of the game in fashion as seamless as possible, which could have the potential to make or break the game.

There is currently no exact release date and the projected system requirements don't look too high. You can check them out on Autopsy Simulator page on Steam.

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