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Atari VCS set-top box brings the name back to its rightful place - next to our television sets

Published: 18:01, 20 March 2018
Picture of Atari VCS console with a gamepad and joystick below
Atari VCS

The set-top box slash console is often referred to as Ataribox, although the actual name is Atari VCS. Yep, the company went right for the feels by basically hinting at the link between Atari VCS and the Atari 2600 Video Computer System.

To be fair, Atari's got everybody stumped, because the press release doesn't really give away the Atari VCS' target market. The company claims to "change the way you interact with your TV" and some other usual sales pitch lines, but that's about it.

Atari A picture of a wooden desk with several electronic devices on it Atari VCS

We do know, however, that it will come with many Atari 2600 VCS classics, which suggests it's like Nintendo's revisiting on Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Unlike , Atari VCS has a modern AMD processor and runs Linux, which should give it access to some more modern games. However bear in mind that this is Linux we're talking about here, so don't expect your triple A titles arriving any time soon.

Nintendo Hand holding a Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic SNES Classic

All in all, Atari seems to be confused as to what market to focus on, set-top one or retro consoles, prompting the company to go for both. While we're not sure how this decision will pan out, such indecisions at corporate level often miss both targets, so we hope Atari knows what they're doing.

Having said that, the Atari VCS does indeed look swell, even disregarding the obvious comparison with the legendary 2600. The design retained the wood veneer detail, yet integrated it into a modern, sleek looking package that doesn't look one bit out of place in a modern living room setting.

Ultimately, Atari should theoretically have an advantage over SNES Mini, and a hefty one while we're at it, but it'll be interesting to see whether the company manages to translate that into actual sales.


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