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Atari VCS delayed once more, this time over specs update

Published: 13:21, 20 March 2019
Picture of Atari VCS console with a gamepad and joystick below
Atari VCS

Even though the earlier delay of Atari VCS scheduled the device for launch in summer of 2019, it has now been delayed again. This time it's about a specs update, as Atari are switching to a 14nm AMD Ryzen CPU with Radeon Vega graphics.

Atari VCS' new CPU has two Zen CPU cores and will replace the earlier processor, which belonged to the Bristol Ridge family.

Of course, the delay isn't quite what we'd call great news but there are more positives here than it may seem at first.

Firstly, using a Ryzen chip means that the new Atari VCS will stay cooler and more efficient while running faster, "allowing the VCS to benefit from a simpler and more effective power architecture and thermal solution".

The Ryzen chip in question supports native 4K video with HDCP, a secure frame buffer with full support for DRM video and all the other bells and whistles you'd expect.

Secondly, which may actually end up being more important for Atari's plans, official cooperation with AMD has given the device at least some legitimacy, something that the device seemed to struggle with. 

We're referring to the situation that ensued after the journalist who called Atari VCS a "hunk of plastic", accusing him of writing "what he wanted instead of what was discussed with him".

In case you don't recall, The Register was quite hyped for an Atari-style nostalgia fix, but what they found were plastic models that didn't actually work. The retro-themed joystick had functional buttons, but the product manager couldn't provide any information as most of the questions were answered with "I don't know".

Initially slated for launch in December 2017, Atari are is sure taking their sweet time in delivering the product, but hopefully the new delivers. We're currently looking at the end of 2019, with more detailed CPU specs and the exact date available as we draw closer to launch.

Atari A picture of a wooden desk with several electronic devices on it Atari VCS

Atari promised more info on games, peripherals, media partnerships, etc. in the coming months so stay tuned.

You can learn more in the company's post .

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