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Aruni gameplay and tips shown in latest Rainbow Six Siege video

Published: 13:05, 09 November 2020
Rainbow Six Siege - Aruni
Rainbow Six Siege - Aruni

Ubisoft detailed the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege operator, Aruni, who will specialise in destroying enemy gadgets but she is a defender so she's not exactly copying a grumpy SAS operative.

Thatcher may be the go-to guy when you are attacking and need something to wreak havoc on the opposing team's electronics and other gadgets but the defenders will now have a reply in their own anti-gadget operator, Aruni.

Hailing from Thailand, this operator can deploy Surya Laser Gate, which can be deployed on doors, barricades and hatches. Attackers who pass through the gate will be damaged. The gate generators are indestructible but when something gets hit by the laser, they will be briefly deactivated for recharge.

Meanwhile, gadgets and any type of grenade that is thrown at the laser will be destroyed along with any drones that attempt to pass through. If deployed on a door, however, there will be a small area at the bottom where drones and thrown items can pass through.

Considering the proclivity for destroying enemy gadgets, one could assume she's the defender version of Thatcher but it would be funny to point out the irony of the former hating lasers and the latter using them.

Aruni is also one of the defenders that can use Mk 14 EBR, a DMR, which could be interesting for spawn peeking. We can already sense the frustration this could pose in the future.

Alternatively, she can pick P10 Roni for closer encounters while her gadgets consist of proximity alarm and barbed wire. The gadgets make her great at intel gathering which probably means she will be picked a lot in the coming meta.

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