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April Fools' Day 2020 - Best gaming jokes compilation

Published: 14:50, 01 April 2020
artwork showing Overwatch's googly eyes
Overwatch's googly eyes

April Fools' Day jokes have started to surface all over social media from game developers and publishers. We have put together a compilation of the best ones that almost got us. Almost.

From unexpected announcements to goofy in-game events and cosmetics, game developers have been joking around each April Fools' Day and it is no different this time around. Some hilarious gems have already started to surface over at Twitter so we've made a compilation of the best gaming jokes from April Fools' Day 2020. Let's dive into it.

DiRT Rollers - Marble racing simulator

Our favourite one comes from Codemasters who made a pretty official-looking announcement for DiRT Rollers, described as the world's most authentic marble racing simulator. Check it out below.

Overwatch - Googly eyes

If you fired up Overwatch today, you probably have noticed that something strange is happening with your heroes. Blizzard decided to joke around with the characters by adding googly eyes for a proper goofy look that should take away all the seriousness from today's matches.

AltChar overwatch screenshot showing goofy character eyes That's goofy!

Hunt: Showdown -  the Caldwell Conversion Snubbercut 

Behold hunters! The ultimate beast-slaying weapon has arrived to Hunt: Showdown. As you can see in the video, the Caldwell Conversion Snubbercut will absolutely melt the enemy, regardless of their size and strength. Coming in update 1.3.

Football Manager 1888

Popular sim series Football Manager is going back to Football roots. Sega and Sports Interactive just announced Football Manager 1888, with a unique-looking UI and tactical options. On top of this, you'll find that finishing was not that important back then. Instead, players with high Ball Kicking and Gentlemanliness were the true stars of the game.

Sega FM 1888 screenshot We need a mod for this.

Guild Wars - Purrrrfect!

This one is both hilarious and cute, and that's an unbeatable combo if you ask us. Guild Wars 2 devs decided to add a bunch of kitties to the world of Tyria. However, these are not your ordinary pet friends as you can see in the screenshot below. 

reddit Guild Wars 2 artwork showing gigantic cats Guild Wars 2 - Simply purrrfect!

World of Tanks - Turret Town

World of Tanks actually have a game mode for April Fools' Day named Turret Town. It is a new 4v4 multi-base assault mode where most of the game's gameplay mechanics are completely tweaked to offer a proper April Fools' Day fun for you and your team. There is no customisation and equipment, fall damage is disabled and Turret vehicles have bouncy physics enabled when they ram against their enemies. Sounds lovely. 

WoT World of Tanks screenshot showing new game mode Bouncy!

Fnatic - Cyber Tank Mouse

Fnatic Gear are releasing a Cybertruck-inspired mouse for gamers. Named Cyber Tank Mouse, it is the worlds heaviest gaming mouse with 100 per cent effectiveness when used by gamers who are ripped. The release date is yet to be announced. 

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