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Apex Legends' Voidwalker time-limited event is kicking off soon

Published: 14:35, 02 September 2019
Apex Legends artwork showing wraith character
Apex Legends - Wraith

Wraith-themed Voidwalker event in Apex Legends is commencing on Tuesday, 3 September 2019. It will feature map changes, new mode and cosmetics. Certain new challenges will also award loot that is either cosmetic or crafting materials.

Voidwalker should be a properly sized event that seems to have a ton of new additions to go with it. The map will be altered as construction crews unearthed remnants of the Project: Wraith facility in Kings Canyon. Apparently that's where Wraith has undergone the scientific super makeover into a portal opening being with the sixth sense.

This part of the map will feature some sort of an experimental portal that can provide players with means of accessing the base early or to escape a dangerous situation. Furthermore, Wraith's lore details will be scattered over the decayed building.

Armed and Dangerous is the limited-time mode that will accompany Voidwalker. Weapons will be limited to snipers and shotguns here and loot will be scarcer. As per usual, players will be invited to conduct a survey while in-game so Respawn can better gauge what the players liked about an event or what happened to be grinding their gears.

Challenges introduced with Voidwalker will award Wraith-themed loot such as skins, music and badges. These rewards will be around for the duration of the event which is running from 3 to 17 September 2019.

Unlike the initial plans for the previous event, Voidwalker will have a direct purchase shop from get go. Certain cosmetics will be at a reduced price apparently but the legendary ones will retain the 1,800 point price tag which translates to roughly $18.

Respawn Entertainment Picture of the Legends from Apex Legends Apex Legends

Players who are not keen on microtransactions will have something different to look forward to. Starting on Friday, 6 September, there will be a for finishing in top five.

The exact finish time was not provided but Respawn did state it's a weekend bonus so expect Sunday to be the last day it will be available. Double experience will apply to both account and Battle Pass progression.

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