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Apex Legends unveils next legend, Fuse - Ambassador of Boom

Published: 18:20, 18 January 2021
Apex Legends, Good as Gold poster
Apex Legends, Good as Gold, Fuse's episode of Stories from the Outlands

Setting the tempo for 2021, Respawn delivered another delicious episode of Stories from the Outlands, revealing the next character to join the Apex Legends roster - Fuse.

We've been hearing about Fuse's addition to Apex Legends for a while now , thanks to the leaked dev build screenshots, but now it's official. 

"Some friends support your dreams, others have trouble letting go. Journey to Salvo and see if Fuse makes it to the Apex Games in one piece", the description reads. 

We'll let you find out the answer to that question by yourself, while we recap everything we've learned thus far. 

Also known as the Ambassador of Boom, Fuse actually has a surprisingly long fuse, at least judging by his trailer.

Of course,  that's not the fuse Apex Legends dev was referring to when they went name hunting and we're clearly looking at explosive abilities for the newcomer. The golden bomb that's heavily featured in the episode is pretty much certain to make it into the game - it's just a matter of details. 

Fuse will be coming in Season 8 of Apex Legends, which is expected next month, and he won't be alone in terms of fresh additions. Namely, Respawn are preparing a custom edition of King's Canyon and there's the new weapon too, said to be a new bolt action rifle.  

The dev also confirmed that the damage tracker will be coming in Season 8, something players have been waiting on for a while.

Respawn will be revealing more information on Season 8 in the upcoming period, but if that's not enough, you can always treat yourself to some quality android literature by Pathfinder .

Apex Legends - Season 7: Ascension's new map, Olympus

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Apex Legends, Olympus, Hammond Labs

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