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You may want to stop Apex Legends from sharing your data with EA

Published: 08:29, 28 February 2019
Composite of Apex Legends bamboozler next to an overgrown EA logo
Apex Legends - Mirage next to his patron deity

Apex Legends shares your personal usage data with EA. The option for it to do so is enabled by default, and knowing the most vilified of publishers, you probably agreed to this by bashing the 'AGREE' button somewhere prior to installation.

Most big tech companies have eyes on your private data and will go to considerable lengths to obtain it. Game publishers, especially those based in the vicinity of Mount Doom, such as EA, are no exception.

Respawn Entertainment and EA's most recent successful release Apex Legends has now found itself as a means by which to attain more of that precious data.

The latest rising star of the crowded battle royale pantheon transmits your usage data to the publishing hydra by default, and you may just want to stop it from doing so, considering that a good portion of it may find it's way into the hands of one of the most hated companies in America.

If you haven't fiddled around with Apex Legends' settings menu and opted to dive straight into the action, then you may not have realised that the game sends your usage statistics to EA under pain of lost functionality.

Luckily, you can still disable usage sharing, which should have been dormant in the first place, in the options menu under the Gameplay tab.

The corresponding description claims that disabled usage sharing will somehow impact your experience by "resulting in a loss of functionality", but we can assure you that all of our play sessions have remained mostly disfunction-free after disabling the setting.

While we assume that the data shared can help Respawn balance Apex Legends' meta or some other form of voodoo with more long term pay-offs, it is also a certainty that a part of that data will land in EA's outstretched tentacles, and it's entirely up to you to decide whether you feel comfortable with your personal usage statistics being fed to the publisher.

EA Screenshot of apex legends options screen with data usage option highlighted Apex Legends - The offending Data Usage option

There's also the whole other matter of this practice being questionably legal under GDPR in Europe, especially with its opt-out nature, as opposed to a more polite opt-in one, but we will hold off on casting a verdict in this department until our law degrees arrive from the printer's. 

Whatever the case, disabling the option should apparently restrict the game to "collection of data from your device to that necessary to operate this game".

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