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Apex Legends September Soiree LTM schedule data mined

Published: 12:49, 12 September 2020
Apex Legends: Season 6, Countdown, former Drill Site
Apex Legends: Season 6, Countdown, former Drill Site

Thanks to Apex Legends data miners, we know the order of limited-time modes (LTMs) in the game's September Soiree event, which kicked off with Kings Canyon After Dark.

Respawn reshuffled their September itinerary a bit, although players will recognise each of the LTMs from their earlier appearances, again starting with the return of Kings Canyon After Dark. 

This is due to the studio discovering a bug with Dummies Big Day, which was meant to kickstart the September Soiree in Apex Legends. The LTM will still be featured in September, though, but the bug that had AFK players crashing out ensured it's at a later date.

Anyway, according to prominent data miner Shrugtal, Apex Legends' September will feature the following LTMs in this order:

  • Kings Canyon After Dark
  • Armed & Dangerous 
  • Dummies Big Day
  • Live. Die. Live.

Apex Legends: September Soiree lasts until October 5, 2020, with each event lasting for about a week.

Kings Canyon After Dark should need no introduction to seasoned Apex Legends veterans, and newcomers have nothing to worry about - it's just a nighttime version of the existing Kings Canyon map. 

Armed & Dangerous is all about smart positioning as players are limited to shotguns and snipers. Apex Legends players will quickly find that mid-range doesn't exist - you're either taking potshots from afar or breathing down each other's necks. 

Dummies Big Day is the one yours truly is personally not looking forward to because of gameplay - the silence is an eerie reminder of how empty Apex Legends gets without the chatter. 

Live. Die. Live. is all about relentless combat, as it lets you respawn as long as there's one living member of your squad in the field. 

Apex Legends - Season 6: Boosted by Respawn Entertainment and EA

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Apex Legends: Season 6, Countdown, former Drill Site

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