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Apex Legends: Season 6 launch trailer shows off Rampart and crafting

Published: 20:07, 06 August 2020
Apex Legends, Season 6: Boosted legend Rampart
Apex Legends, Season 6: Boosted legend Rampart

Apex Legends is heading for Season 6: Boosted and Respawn's launch trailer shows bits and pieces of what to expect - new legend Rampart, crafting and finally - Volt SMG.

So, after much speculation on who the Season 6 legend is, Respawn finally spilt the beans. Not that they weren't spilt already by data miners, but still - Rampart is officially the S6 Apex Legend. She will make her debut on launch day, August 18, 2020.

"An expert modder who made her name in underground fight clubs, Rampart talks big and has the ballistics to back it up", Respawn wrote. And her skills happen to tie in with the rest of the additions seamlessly, especially the crafting one. 

We expect the Apex Legends team to follow the Season 6: Boosted trailer with a character trailer for Rampart, as she already sounds like quite a colourful character.

Apex Legends is getting a crafting system in Season 6, which is all the more reason to introduce another tech tinkerer into the roster. If you happen to not like your gear, you'll be able to scavenge around the map and collect materials to build something bigger and better. 

Last but not least is Volt SMG, which has to be one of the most anticipated guns in the game ever since...well, almost since it launched really. Data miners have been uncovering all sorts of files on the elusive SMG and we can confirm it's on the way in Season 6. 

EA Apex Legends, Season 6: Boosted, Volt SMG Apex Legends, Season 6: Boosted, Volt SMG

Apex Legends getting Season 6: Boosted also means a new Boosted Battle Pass, with more than 100 exclusive items, including Legendaries, Apex Packs, new holo-sprays and more. 

You can learn more on Apex Legends' website .

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