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Apex Legends Season 5 gameplay trailer: everything we know so far

Published: 19:15, 08 May 2020
Apex Legends Season 05 trailer screenshot
Apex Legends Season 05

With the new Apex Legends season 5 gameplay trailer, aptly named "Fortune’s Favor", going live, we get the first glimpse at what EA have prepared for the fans. And it seems to be a gift that keeps on giving indeed.

The season 5 release date, that being May 12, is just around the corner. EA have given us a new gameplay trailer to tide us over until the update goes live. 

The hype train left in the wake of the trailer is only equal to the disappointment of Mirage mains after not getting any confirmation on the long-awaited rework. Besides his likeable personality remaining untouched, it appears that a new skin is the only improvement this time around. Sadly it seems the beloved goofball will be left on the shelf a little while longer.

As for the new legend, Loba, her captivating attitude and impressive abilities have won the hearts of the community. Players are loving the look, the abilities but most of all - the attitude. With this, it looks like Loba will quickly rise to one of the most liked legends in the whole game. 

We do have to wait and see how the legend feels in-game before making any such statements, but so far it seems that she is on the right track. 

Also shown was the look of the brand new Season Quest. Filled with action and treasure, it is only fitting that it was introduced by a character who is a thief. 

The treasures that will be received upon completing the quest remain unknown, but if they look half as good as the chest they come in - they will surely be worth the effort. 

EA Treasure pack- Trailer screenshot What treasures does this fancy box hold?

Lastly, the biggest changes everyone is excited about are on the Kings Canyon. With the disappearance of Skull Town, a location that was a player favourite, players were rewarded with a map that was nearly unrecognisable. 

Many locations have been changed, adding a lot of verticality to the map, which will surely benefit the pathfinder players in fulfilling their fantasies of being Spiderman. But jokes aside, the new look of the map will greatly impact the flow of the game, and it seems the new winning strategy will be all about positioning.

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