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Apex Legends: Season 4's second teaser is coming today

Published: 14:55, 20 April 2020
Twitter, @Shrugtal
Bloodhound's banner for The Old Ways Apex Legends event
Bloodhound, The Old Ways event banner

Even though the second teaser for Season 4 of Apex Legends was initially planned to go live yesterday, Respawn tweaked their schedule and will be delivering it today.

In before you think we're privy to Respawn's confidential information, the new teaser date was once again uncovered by data miner Shrugtal. He's been diligently following Respawn's work and his findings have been instrumental in finding the first Season 4 teaser

According to the new Apex schedule, Season 4's second teaser should be arriving today, 20 April 2020 at 10am. We assume it's PST Respawn are referring to, which means we'll see it at 5pm GMT.

If you've been following Respawn's Season 4 crumb trail, you know that the first teaser hinted at Singh Labs. It was merely a keycard with no actual use, but once you've picked up some lore, you know it's quite meaningful. Wraith certainly does.

It's safe to assume that the remaining teasers will be keycards as well, all pointing to a large, multi-structured facility. Each card refers to a different part of the facility, although we're not sure whether these will be playable areas in Apex Legends, or just instruments of the story. 

Shrugtal even posted his theories on Season 4, arguing that Wraith is still competing in Apex Games because she's looking for the old research facilities buried beneath the game's arenas. 

He also thinks that Loba's arrival is not only imminent - it will tie into the facility thanks to the technology that's hidden inside. Apparently, the tech can help you cross vast distances and is presumed to be a part of a jump drive, but will be used by Loba for swiping loot. 

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Apex Legends, Revenant

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