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Apex Legends kicks off Armed and Dangerous as part of September Soiree

Published: 19:48, 15 September 2020
Apex Legends replicator
Apex Legends replicator

After some initial difficulties, Apex Legends' September Soiree is in full swing and it's time for the next limited-time mode (LTM) - Armed and Dangerous.

September Soiree was meant to start with Dummies Big Day but a few bugs made Respawn reshuffle their schedule. The first week, therefore, featured Kings Canyon After Dark, a nighttime edition of the regular Kings Canyon map, but it's time to kiss it goodbye until next time. 

So, it's time for Armed and Dangerous, which Apex Legends veterans should be pretty familiar with. Granted, there have been some changes in the weapons department since the last time we've had the LTM, but snipers and shotguns are pretty much the same. 

If this is your first time with Armed and Dangerous, we're talking about an Apex Legends LTM that relies solely on shotguns and snipers. 

While it may not be the most exciting of the game's LTM, it can be pretty fun once you start considering it as an exercise in positioning. The choice of weapons makes that pretty clear - either keep your distance and take potshots, or find a way to get in your opponents' faces and Peacekeep them back to where they came from. 

Armed and Dangerous LTM lasts until September 22, after which it will finally be time for Dummies Big Day, hopefully with the dreaded bugs ironed out. 

Apex Legends' September Soiree lasts until October 5, 2020, and Dummies Big Day, which is the best proof of what happens when you remove all the characters and awesome writing from the game, will be followed by Live. Die. Live. This is the mode that lets you respawn as long as one person on your team is alive, but first things first - time to go and, ahem, keep the peace. 

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