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Apex Legends' Halloween event Monsters Within details: Start date, activities, skins and more

Published: 16:23, 07 October 2021
Apex Legends - Halloween skin
Apex Legends - Halloween skin

Apex Legends is celebrating Halloween with a special in-game event called Monsters Within. The event starts on October 12 with new limited-time events and rewards.

Respawn have dropped a new trailer for Apex Legends' upcoming Halloween event named Monsters Within. Just like last year, the special event brings new limited-time activities, skins and rewards that you can earn by participating. 

The event officially kicks off on October 12, 2021, when the Revenant will bring back the fan-favourite mode Shadow Royale. Additionally, there's an entirely new Arenas map with spooky limited-time cosmetics. Get a sneak peek at these in the trailer above. 

Below, you can check out a short recap of everything that Apex Legends will have to offer this Halloween:  

  • Encore Arenas map - Monster’s Within will bring with it an entirely new Arenas map for old and new players alike to terrorize.
  • Shadow Royale Returns - Shadow Royale starts in a trio match, and when players die, they are raised from the dead in a powerful "Shadow Form" to exact vengeance on their killers.
  • Limited Premium Cosmetics - Cosmetic items will be available through shop bundles or offers.
  • Dia De Los Muertos Sale -From October 26 until November 1, celebrate Dia de los Muertos as Octane hosts the party with a new Muerte Rápida Bonus Bundle: 
    • Epic "Muerte Rápida"  skin
    • Epic "Altar Ego" banner frame 
    • Rare "Flirting with Death" skin for the Volt 
    • 2 Octane Packs (each guaranteed to have at least one Octane item).


PR Apex Legends - Monsters Within event Apex Legends - Monsters Within event

Apex Legends is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. 

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