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Apex Legends getting new episode of Stories from the Outlands - Fight Night

Published: 10:36, 24 December 2020
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Apex Legends, Stories from the Outlands: Endorsement

It looks like Respawn have a surprise for the end of 2020, and it comes in the form of an Apex Legends episode of Stories from the Outlands called Fight Night.

Now, the road to finding this out has been a confusing one, as PlayApex Fight Night first appeared in a sponsored tweet that went out too soon. Players who captured them sent out links, which gave way to all sorts of theories. 

If you were hoping for a mystery, we'll have to disappoint you as data miners figured out what was going on, and dug up more info. 

Once again, it's the usual suspect, Apex Legends data miner Shrugtal, who tweeted out that Stories from the Outlands airs on Tuesday next week. That is, December 29, 2020, just in time to say bye to Apex in 2020 and still make the party. 

The blurb on the Apex Legends website says "Not everyone makes it twelve rounds", which could be a reference to anything. We guess the first rule of fight night is you don't talk about fight night.

Anyway, Shrugtal specifically confirmed the date, so we guess we'll be getting a proper sending off from the Apex Legends development team. Who, by the way, have really been going from strength to strength each and every season the game has been available. 

As you can see, Stories from the Outlands has Pathfinder for the cover image, so we're guessing he's got an important role to play. 

Apex Legends' development team is really going all out on Pathfinder, as the tin can is even getting his own hardcover book. The book is technically a search for his creator, but is told through a series of interviews with legends from the current roster. 

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