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Apex Legends getting improved streamer mode and Shadowfall soon

Published: 14:14, 22 August 2020
Apex Legends, redesigned path from Launch Site towards Sorting Factory
Apex Legends: Season 6, Launch Site towards Sorting Factory

Apex Legends has recently launched Season 5: Boosted and while there's a truckload of new content, more features are en route, like improved streaming mode and the return of Shadowfall.

According to prominent Apex Legends data miner Shrugtal, the improved streamer mode is called Anon Mode and should be released soon. 

The mode should anonymise the player name in champion presentations, obituaries and other areas where actual people get to see them. Respawn are clearly trying to make Apex Legends even more streaming-friendly, and we're pretty sure many famous streamers will love the feature. 

We're not sure as to the exact date when Anon Mode hits Apex Legends, but knowing Respawn, it's safe to assume it's coming as soon as the first batch of bug fixes is done. 

Also found in Apex Legends' data files is Shadowfall, one of the former modes that looks like it will be reintroduced this Halloween. We're talking about the mode where players try to escape the island while their deceased former colleagues chase them as shadows, incredibly quick but low health and melee only creatures. 

Note that this edition of Shadowfall is called Shadow Royale, so we're not sure whether there will be changes or not. Shrugtal confirmed that the Infected and the spiders, yes - the creepy ones that jump out of loot bins, are there, but that's about as far as the data mine goes. 

Much like Season 5: Boosted trailers, Apex Legends' last update was all about Rampart, whose Amped Wall was giving some players trouble. Devotion also got a slight nerf, but it looks like Respawn are preparing to swing the nerf hammer even harder later on. 

Apex Legends - Season 6: Boosted by Respawn Entertainment and EA

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Apex Legends: Season 6, Countdown, former Drill Site

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