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Apex Legends getting a Mass Effect Charm according to Xbox dashboard

Published: 10:22, 12 March 2021
Mass Effect - Shepard fist bump
Mass Effect - Shepard fist bump

It looks like Apex Legends will soon be adding a Mass Effect Charm, which was probably meant to be a surprise but the Xbox dashboard ended up spilling the beans.

Adding new Charms usually gets at least a heads up from the devs, but we haven't heard a peep in regards to the Mass Effect's N7 charm. This could mean that Respawn and EA were saving the Charm for a special occasion at a later date, but so much about that plan.

The Charm was spotted by Gamespot's readers, who immediately recognised Mass Effect's N7 code that represents the highest level of skill attainable. We suppose Apex Legends will be handing it out a bit more casually than that, although it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep this one a bit more skill-exclusive. 

We guess that Apex Legends' new charm could've been kept for BioWare's release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the studio's remastering of the iconic trilogy, but that's not launching until May, so that too is unlikely. 

Either way, Apex Legends has produced some sweet Charms along the way, and we're fond of many of them, but we still maintain that their Valve series was the absolute best.

As for Respawn and Apex Legends, we reckon the studio will spend some time tweaking the battle royale's Switch version, which has been a vastly different experience than on PC, for instance. 

EA Apex Legends' Headcrab Octane Charm Apex Legends, Headcrab Octane Charm

Those who enjoy Apex Legends' fast-paced gameplay will find that graphics limitations have almost turned the game into PUBG. Players have been reporting a bunch of connectivity issues too, all of which combines to make cross-play look like self-punishment. 

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