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Apex Legends finally gets Dummie's Big Day in September Soiree

Published: 11:49, 23 September 2020
Crash test dummies holding guns in Apex Legends
Apex Legends: Firing Range dwellers strike back!

Dummie's Big Day was meant to be the first limited-time mode (LTM) in Apex Legends' September Soiree, but some bugs made sure it's pushed back a bit until they're fixed.

Thankfully, Respawn ironed out the quirks that caused AFKers crashing out and the rest, so Dummie's Big Day is already in full swing. 

"DUMMIE's Big Day, take 2. Pick a color and survive with surprising abilities and ultimates! Play DUMMIE's Big Day now through Sept 29", the dev tweeted out.

This is not the first time Dummie's Big Day LTM is in Apex Legends, but if this is your first time, get ready for a fair dose of a level playing field, with a touch of randomness to spice things up. 

Players get to assume the role of the training room dummies, sporting a mostly identical set of abilities. Every Apex Legends player gets the same tactical ability, which is a drop of randomised loot. 

Apex Legends ultimates come with a set of few effects while the passive is mysterious, all of which makes for pretty fun gameplay unless you're severely addicted to the standard gameplay. 

One thing yours truly can't stop repeating like a parrot is that even if you hate the LTM's guts, you should jump in for a few rounds just to start appreciating Respawn's writing team. Their work on Apex Legends has done what no other battle royale game managed - they make you care about the characters. 

EA Apex Legends replicator Apex Legends replicator

Respawn have changed the genre's landscape in terms of mechanics as well, but pulling off a storyline in a repetition-based battle royale game was impossible...until they did it. And for that, my friends, they deserve all the credit in the world. 

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Apex Legends: Season 6, Countdown, former Drill Site

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