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Apex Legends: Fight or Fright brings back Shadow Royale

Published: 12:55, 21 October 2020
Apex Legends, Shadow Royale
Apex Legends, Shadow Royale

It's time for Halloween events in Apex Legends, so Respawn announced they're bringing back Shadow Royale with a few tweaks to freshen up the LTM for the Fight or Fright event.

Fight or Fright kicks off tomorrow, October 22, 2020, and lasts until November 3. As usual, there's a bunch of challenges are rewards, with some traditional Respawn novelty mixed in. 

"Play the new “Shadow Royale” LTM on Kings Canyon After Dark, where death is just the start. Respawn as a Shadow to haunt your enemies and help your squad. With freakish speed, deadly claws, and the ability to revive your teammates, you won’t miss a step", they wrote.

Now, seasoned Apex Legends veterans are likely familiar with Shadow Royale, but if you're just starting out here's a crash course. You drop onto a map regularly, with a goal to stay alive and reach a checkpoint that's unveiled later in the match. 

If you die, however, you'll be joining the Shadows, incredibly fast runners with claws for weapons, whose low energy pool is counterbalanced by speed and endless respawns. Your job is to stop the living from...well, living. 

What's special for this year's variation of Shadow Royale is that dead teammates stay alive as Shadows. They'll remain loyal as long as there's one living legend in your squad, after which it's officially the end for your team. 

As we've come to expect, Respawn added some new and all 24 of last years' Fight or Fright resurrected cosmetics, all of which are geared towards the spooky Halloween sort of vibe. You can check out the skins in the latter part of the trailer or check out the prize track on EA's website .

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