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Apex Legends: Fight Night is Pathfinder's finest moment yet

Published: 16:45, 29 December 2020
Apex Legends character Pathfinder
Apex Legends, Pathfinder Edition

As promised, Respawn aired the next episode of Stories from the Outlands and it's a good one. Dubbed Fight Night, it's largely about the tin can, Pathfinder.

Respawn went for a distinctly noir style, with a failed cop thinking about the mistakes of his past. The chief one, of course, being your poisonous boy Caustic, who was apparently too slippery to catch.

Nevertheless, the chief role was reserved for Pathfinder, whose limitless enthusiasm and jovial outlook in the face of death and danger really show why the dev named the model Marvin. 

Pathfinder clearly carries a lot of valuable info, the sort that puts him on a collision course with all types of characters. And, as you can see, one of them takes off with his memories, leaving the tin can to wonder about the identity and whereabouts of his creator. 

Apex Legends' new narrative episode may be rich in lore, but we can't forget the delicious graphics, which really shine from start to finish.

We guess that the new episode of Stories from the Outlands is a good segue for Pathfinder's book, which actually focuses on exactly this topic - Path finding his creator. It's a hardcover book and it contains a bunch of his interviews of the Apex Legends roster, which promises to be a blast. 

Respawn promised a bunch of saucy details in each interview, so Apex Legends players fond of lore should get a proper kick out of it. 

If there's one thing that Stories from the Outlands: Fight Night makes undeniably clear, is that Pathfinder's knack for escaping difficult situations is not an accident. Unlike, you know, his attempts at being a waiter, which seem to be deadlier in comparison.

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