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Apex Legends dev confirms tomorrow's Stories from the Oulands: Fight Night

Published: 19:20, 28 December 2020
Apex Legends, Stories from the Outlands: Fight Night
Apex Legends, Stories from the Outlands: Fight Night

Granted, the info has already been snuffed out by data miners, but now it's straight from the Apex horse's mouth - Stories from the Outlands: Fight Night airs tomorrow.

The exact date and time are Tuesday, December 29, 2020, at 8:00am PT, which is 4:00pm GMT. 

Once again, Apex Legends developer is leaving us to find out what the episode is about on our own, as they offered practically no info or hints that we're aware of. 

"Not everyone makes it twelve rounds. Tune in on Tuesday, December 29 at 8AM PT to see the latest in our Stories from the Outlands series: Fight Night", is all they wrote in the description. Well, we suppose the first rule of Fight Night is to not talk about Fight Night. 

If we were to dive deeper into the announcement, data miners found an image of Pathfinder, although it was unclear whether it's because he's starring in Fight Night, or for other reasons. 

Respawn's cover image, however, appears to show a young Caustic and obviously someone who has a bone to pick with him. Oh well, we'll find out in less than 24 hours.

What we do know for certain is that the new episode of Stories from the Outlands will be a blast, because we've come to expect the absolute best from anything Apex Legends' writing team churns out. 

Oh, and no need to be disappointed if Pathfinder doesn't get the main role - Apex Legends' tin can has landed himself a publishing deal for a hardcover book. In the book, Pathfinder conducts a series of interviews with legends, in an attempt to find his creator, and the team promised a lot of juicy info. 

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