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Apex Legends could be getting cross-progression with cross-play

Published: 12:14, 02 September 2020
Apex Legends replicator
Apex Legends replicator

Respawn's original announcement of cross-play coming to Apex Legends may not have mentioned cross-progression, but data miners seem to have found proof.

Granted, it's not yet full-fledged proof, but it's certainly a good indicator that the progress you've made and the items you've purchased won't have to be redone for every platform you play Apex Legends on. 

The news comes from Shrugtal, prominent Apex Legends data miner, who has been a pretty reliable source of information thus far, not to mention that he does it without spoiling quests and storylines, which is pretty cool. 

With the launch of Season 6: Boosted, Respawn started laying the ground for cross-play and there's plenty of code to sift through. 

Among the lines of code reserved for cross-play, however, he found the following:

  • proxy/commerce_gateway/valuetransfer/transfer ?personald=%s&platform=%s&accountld=&s_%s&offerld=%s&locale=%s
  • proxy/commerce gateway/valuetransfer/entitlements ?personald=%s&platform=%ts

Shrugtal suggests this is some sort of cross-progression testing and you don't have to be a programmer to see how he got there. The part that says "entitlements" refers to the items your Apex Legends account holds, so clearly there will be some transferring going on. 

Of course, at this stage, this is more speculation than an actual fact, regardless of what the code says. Implementing cross-play in Apex Legends is one thing, but ensuring that all the items purchased on a different platform are transferred to another probably requires as much politics as actual coding. 

Respawn are yet to announce the exact date when cross-play hits Apex Legends, as they only said fall 2020, which when the battle royale arrives on Steam and Nintendo Switch as well.

Apex Legends - Season 6: Boosted by Respawn Entertainment and EA

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