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Anthem fails to meet EA's expectations, Firestorm succeeds

Published: 10:53, 08 May 2019
Bazaar in Anthem
Anthem - The opening scene of the trailer goes from a desert situated bazaar into a deep forest.

EA delivered their results for the fiscal year ended with 31 March 2019, and quite unsurprisingly - Anthem hasn't met the publisher's expectations. Firestorm, on the other hand, turned out to be the biggest Battlefield live service event.

Now, it didn't take a rocket scientist to guess that Anthem won't be doing so great in EA's financial reports, but this is the first time we've heard the publisher deliver their review.

Nevertheless, EA is not quitting on the game as their long term plans include delivering on their "commitment to players with deep live services content for Ultimate Team, Apex Legends, The Sims 4, Anthem and Battlefield V."

Apparently, players have spent more than 150 million hours in Anthem since it launched, although that metric means little at the moment.

Bioware have recently delayed some major features for Anthem, which includes the , so players will have to endure smaller patches, like the one the dev launched , until they've got something concrete to show.

EA's conference call also involved information on Battlefield V's battle royale mode Firestorm, which has become the biggest Battlefield live service event ever. 

We must admit that knowing how lucrative battle royale titles were, EA's decision to push Firestorm back to 2019 was one of the more baffling ones.

Battlefield V wasn't in the best of shapes when it launched, and in hindsight, Firestorm could've been that tipping point. On the other hand, it seems like EA is at least content with how Battlefield V has been doing so far.

EA's CEO Andrew Wilson said, "Players are engaging with games in more ways than ever before. We're committed to meeting them where they are with a broad portfolio of amazing new games and live services, choice of engagement models including free-to-play and subscriptions, and new opportunities to play, compete and watch."

Altchar artwork showing Gibraltar and Caustic from apex legends Gibraltar and Caustic

EA didn't fail to mention Apex Legends too, whose development was in stark contrast to Anthem's, i.e. no hype or grandiose promises.

Respawn's battle royale masterpiece certainly didn't help Bioware's game, as it showed that a free-to-play title can wipe the floor with a premium one, and EA mentioned that 30 per cent of its players is actually new to EA.

You can find EA's fiscal report .

Anthem, action RPG shooter by BioWare and Electronic Arts

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