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Animal Crossing: New Horizons won't let you transfer saves and players aren't happy

Published: 17:06, 21 February 2020
A character sits alone observing the stars in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Even at my ripe old age of 30, this game still fills me with joy.

In a decision that we'd describe as peculiar, for the lack of a better word, Nintendo announced that their upcoming game Animal Crossing: New Horizons won't be supporting transfering saves, and as you'd expect - fans aren't happy. `

"This game does not currently support the ability to transfer your save file from one Nintendo Switch console to another", the company said. 

Apparently, they're hoping to add the ability to recover Animal Crossing: New Horizons data if your Nintendo Switch is stolen or lost, but that's "sometime after launch". And even then, players "can only have save data recovered one time" should their device fail or get stolen.

It goes without saying that we'd have used a much more emotionally-charged word than 'peculiar' in this case, but we'll save those for later if Nintendo decide to backpedal on this decision.

After all, saving your game's progress to the cloud is one of the key selling-points advertised in the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service, which makes their choice even stranger. It's a premium, i.e. paid, service, and one would think it's easier for Animal Crossing: New Horizons to support it by default than not.

Fans and journalists alike are baffled by the decision, because it practically renders Nintendo's online service nearly useless for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The annual payment for the service, on the other hand, remains as it is, whichever currency you're paying it in for.  

Interestingly enough, it was not long ago that Nintendo's president Shuntaro Furukawa said, "Rather than just the next year, I think about things in terms of what to do the following year and the year after that."

Nintendo A group of multiplayer characters hanging out in Animal Crossing: New Horizons There's always one who doesn't want to join in.

The decision to have Animal Crossing: New Horizons not support cloud saves certainly doesn't look like it's part of this plan, and the ones to feel it the most will be those who want to buy a new Switch or Switch Lite. Still, we doubt this is the last we hear of this, so stay tuned.

Nintendo Several multiplayer characters gathered together on the beach in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Looking out at a bright new future... of being back on a home console. WHERE IT BELONGS.

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