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Amazon listing reveals new Demon's Souls screenshots and box art

Published: 12:31, 09 September 2020
Demon's Souls artwork showing cover art
Demon's Souls cover art

Today, Demon's Souls got two new screenshots and a placeholder box art thanks to the latest listing from Amazon. New screenshots are similar to those that Sony already revealed, though.

An official listing for PlayStation 5 exclusive Demon's Souls has appeared on Amazon with a couple of new screenshots, temporary cover art and gameplay details. The screenshots, which you can see below, showcase the gorgeous visual overhaul of the iconic title as well as a scene from a Vanguard boss fight, which we simply cannot wait to experience, even though it will be a painful one.

Amazon Demon's Souls screenshot showing trees and castle Demon's Souls

We also have a first look at the cover art for the game, which, bear in mind, will not be the final one. It's a placeholder art but still, it looks pretty cool and has an old school vibe. It's safe to say that many Demon's Souls fans would be fairly happy with the current design but Sony's designers will probably come up with a better one. 

Amazon Demon's Souls screenshot showing Vanguard boss fight Demon's Souls - Vanguard boss fight

Last but not least, the listing includes a detailed description of the game. As expected, the game will require active PS Plus subscription for online multiplayer which features the popular online invasions system, a signature feature of many From Software games.

Demon's Souls is coming exclusively to PlayStation 5 but the game still does not have a release date. Earlier ratings suggested that it could be a launch title for Sony's next-gen console but until we get an official confirmation, take this with a grain of salt. 

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